Monday, March 18, 2019

Catching up with CBS

Listening to CBS News this morning I hear they are still blaming Trump for New Zealand. Big worry about "white supremacists." Nothing about all the Christian churches, Jewish Temples and Islamic Mosques attacked or bombed by Islamists in the past year. Everything is about Trump since 2016--the media just bump, grind and strip on this false narrative, pushing up his poll numbers. There was a big bombing of a Catholic Cathedral in the Philippines on January 29—did you hear about it?  I just noticed it in a social media post yesterday.  Don’t recall prayers for them from our pulpit as we did for New Zealand.  And in early March, it was Christians in Nigeria.

I rarely watch 60 Minutes (CBS)., but last night saw J.D. Vance (Hillbilly Elegy) of Columbus talking about the lack of venture capital in areas beyond the coast. At first (2016) the liberals loved Vance--talked about him sort like a cute pet--but a quick glance at newer reports I see they are back to hating common sense, believing someone who actually was poor and knows the system, and who used his grandparents' love (changed his name to theirs) and his own determination to pull himself out of poverty. The Left just doesn't like anyone who leaves the government run plantation.

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