Sunday, March 31, 2019

The Democrat platform for 2020

The 2020 campaign and platform for the Democrats, based on recent behavior of those in Congress and those who have declared:

1. Open borders.
2. Pack the polls with ex-felons, 16 year olds, and illegals.
3. Destroy the electoral college so Democrats can legally win all future presidential elections with 4 states they packed with #1 and #2.
4. Implement the Green New Deal so the public sector control and influence is greater than the private sector--aka socialism.
5. Infanticide and late term abortion for any reason.
6. Abortion's progressive outcome, euthanasia for the inconvenient, ill, disabled and elderly.
7. Ratchet up the hate, fear and distrust with more identity politics and intersectionalism.
8. Reparations for slavery.
9. Destruction of first and second amendments, with more regulations, more laws, especially on religion, speech, and assembly on college campuses which then infects the whole society as academe has been doing for 50 years.
10. Find more charges to bring against the President and his family.

During the campaign, because it pleases the gullible and fattens the purse, the emphasis will be #1 (worded in compassionate and Biblical terms), #7 and #10. The others are really distasteful for most Americans and will need to be more incremental with more changes in the language with talk of core values, ethics, etc., the best double speak they can find.


Anonymous said...

I stopped reading after #1. Let me tell you that no one D or R or I wants open borders. We don't have open borders and if you don't believe me go on over to Canada and then try to come back without your passport. You'll see how easy it is.

Anonymous said...

OK, I read further down in the list. Your comments on euthanasia bring up my own thoughts that assisted suicide should be legal. I ask you, have you ever seen how physicians choose to die? Mostly without pain or heroic efforts. Change of subject, I just saw Valerie Jarrett talking about her new book. She is fantastic. Talked about how her scientist father was unable to get a job in the US equal to what his white counterparts were making. Long time ago you were railing about her and being a black woman, blah, blah, blah and my response at that time was I had no idea she was a black woman. You see the world through these dark glasses. You don't seem empathetic, more of a do it my way type of person. And VJ conquered her fear of speaking up as she was painfully shy. You should try it.