Sunday, March 03, 2019

FLOTUS speaks out for children

“This week, First Lady Melania Trump will be traveling the nation to speak about the opioid epidemic and share what the president’s administration is doing to address the crisis. This will be in conjunction with her Be Best campaign to also promote the well-being of children and online safety. On Monday, she will travel to Tulsa, Oklahoma, and then to Seattle, Washington. On Tuesday, she will take part in town hall discussions in Las Vegas, Nevada.

“Whether it is social media and technology or drug and alcohol abuse, children in our country and around the world are faced with many challenges. Through Be Best I will continue to shine a spotlight on the well-being programs that provide children the tools and skills required for emotional, social and physical well-being and promote successful organizations, programs, and people who are helping children overcome some of the issues they face while growing up in the modern world.””

Presidential Prayer Team

And of course, what we can expect from NPR, reporting on her campaign one month in. . .

And pot shots from CNN.  It is so predictable.

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