Sunday, March 03, 2019

Washington Post’s limp correction of Covington story

Washington Post's walk back of its false, misleading story on the Covington Catholic kids hasn't satisfied Mike Huckabee.

"But read WaPo’s statement and note what it doesn’t say (like “We apologize for getting this story completely wrong.”) It’s phrased like a bland “correction,” but their initial story didn’t need just a “correction;” it was the exact opposite of what actually happened and required a full retraction. For instance, the boys didn’t make offensive racist remarks to anyone, but offensive racist remarks were shouted at them. WaPo’s story was nothing but a lazy regurgitation of a leftist Internet hit job on some innocent kids just because they were wearing MAGA caps and coming from a pro-life rally.

As to WaPo’s weasely claim that the situation was more “complicated” that it first seemed: no, it wasn’t. They reported something they wanted to be true that was the opposite of what actually happened. That’s not “complicated,” it’s just plain old bias. "

Now that the richest man in the world owns WaPo, and he hates Trump and Republicans with a passion, it's hard to find any decent reporting in it.

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