Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Finland’s government resigns due to failures

I don't understand how governments that resign work. They should just use the adversarial system like ours where one party spends all their time, our tax dollars, and energy trying to undo the last election rather than have an election. It's been awhile (2006) since we've been in Finland, a fabulous country, but I did notice there were 2 health systems. One for the base, usually the low income and young adults (who are basically healthy) depended on that, and then a private pay system which the wealthier, older and well educated use to supplement that. Taxes to pay for this were unbelievable, but education was "free." I was very impressed that the African grocery clerk spoke to me in English and my friend in Finnish--somehow she knew. Their immigrants also need to learn Swedish since that is a 2nd language.

Finns are very thorough and systematic and no immigrant comes in uninvited (although a some Russians do just walk or bike over the border--and because of their history with Russia that's like a small invasion) and it takes about 10 months to be processed. We met (in stores) Vietnamese and Chileans, who were refugees from an earlier time, and we saw Somali youth congregating on the streets of Helsinki. But during the 2015 immigration crisis in Europe, many more were accepted. Even the president shown in this photo took refugees into his own home as an example for the citizens. What if every politician in our country did that? We had 70,000 at the southern border in February--Pelosi and Schumer could take a few. About 1/5 of Finnish refugees who came during the rush, have been sent home, and many who claimed to be children/teens turned out to be adults. Sounds more tidy than the way we do it, where the Democrats in Congress say hundreds of thousands need to be processed in 20 days or they have to be set loose in the general population with a "promise" to return for a hearing on their eligibility. Meanwhile large "family" groups, some with rented children to drop off to be used again and again, cross our borders, and drug cartels use them for cover. But unlike Finland, we don't have a system.


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