Thursday, March 21, 2019

What's going on at Fox?

What's going on at Fox? Soft on Muslim radicals and soft on Democrat crime. I don't know the details, but it doesn't look good for all the media to be left of center. I think that's called collusion--or just crony capitalism. Comment from a Facebook site—I didn’t write this and haven’t checked for errors:

"Judge Jeanine Pirro and “New Fox.”

Ya want to know what’s going on with Judge Jeanine Pirro? Fox News won’t tell you, but I will. There’s no joy in Mudville.

Disney is buying the 21st Century Fox movie studio assets. Fox Corp., begins trading as a standalone company Tuesday, 3/19/19, after a spinoff from 21st Century Fox. The “new Fox” holds TV assets including Fox News, the Fox broadcast network and television stations, and Fox Sports.

The new company has named directors to its Board, including Paul Ryan, former speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives, to its board. That sucks, in my opinion. It’s no wonder that Fox is giving grief to Judge Jeanine Pirro. The company has also named Roland Hernandez as a director. Mr. Hernandez was previously chief executive of Telemundo Group Inc. Who’s next: Meghan McCain?

Fox News’ treatment of Judge Jeanine Pirro is inexcusable. But remember this. IF YOU QUIT WATCHING FOX NEWS, THE LEFT WINS. The Commiecrats would like nothing better than that we stop watching Fox News. True story."

Fox News leads all the other networks. The stockholders have made millions from a network that occasionally promotes a conservative viewpoint with opinion shows. CNN viewership is pitiful—it’s opinion is in the news--but it's all Europe gets. We don't need another liberal/socialist/lapdog like the other media. Fox already had 3-4 liberal rip and read folks that caused us to hit mute. Now Donna Brazile? The so called "political analyst" for the Democrat party who threw the nomination to Hillary? Commenting on Omar [which the judge did], who regularly disses the President and hates Israel, is a more serious sin than throwing Bernie under the bus and cheating the CNN viewers?

So why would I want to continue watching Fox? All social media is clamping down on conservatives—but there are still a few out there.

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