Wednesday, March 06, 2019

The Diversity lottery winner—guest blogger Dimitrii, immigrant from Moldova

“Our family won the visa diversity lottery in 1995. We came to the USA in 1996. Some family was left over in the former Soviet Union country Moldova. In 2000, I asked my father to sponsor a trip to visit my birth country, he said, "No, you must forget that place, they don't care about you. You must keep going to school, learn the language and assimilate here. You are an American in the making now." In 2002, I became a naturalized American citizen.

As a responsible citizen, I paid all my taxes even as a 16 year old working for cash at a deli. Then I went to college. Was a 'blind Democrat' for many years. If it said Democrat, I voted for the candidate. Then something happened. When my father passed away, I dropped out of college, but 2 years later came back and was able to finish. My student loans went up. My classes started to cost more, even though I was going to a CUNY public University in NYC. When I started college George W. Bush Jr. was POTUS. When I graduated in 2012, you all know who was the POTUS. I lost my health coverage when my father passed away, but eventually worked my way to own my own private insurance. Could not keep my doctor. I developed deep psychological problems because I had to start working and building relationships with new doctors. My credit was fairly good, but the APRs went through the roof.

In 2016, with the support of all my family in NY, I was finally told the truth. To research the candidates I want to vote for. Started doing the research and discovered a more loving home, which brought me to discover Conservative values. I actually was always raised conservative, yet I sided with the Democrats, because I was too lazy to look into it. I am pleased to have discovered a side of America which I love belonging to. 2.5 years ago I made a decision to #walkaway and I have not been more confident and more content with my decision. The Democrats indoctrinated me from my elementary school and all the way through college in NY. I will never go back. Thank you for all that this movement and its' supporters do for me and all other proud Americans who chose to #walkaway. God Bless Liberation, God Bless You All, and God Bless United States of America. “  Dimitrii

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