Monday, March 25, 2019

Today I watched CNN

Today I actually watched CNN. It was an interview with Sarah Sanders and she demolished the interviewer. When his last whine was "what about obstruction of justice?" She just said, "You can't obstruct a crime that never happened." It lasted over 5 minutes (seemed like 10) but this clip I found it the CNN website has been edited down to about 2.5 minutes, with the interviewer doing most of the talking and regurgitation the usual media lies. I can see why people who watch CNN are so confused and unpatriotic.

Think of the damage done to the President, his policies and the people who elected him by the Democrats and the lapdog media:

"An analysis found that more than 530,000 web articles focusing on Russia, President Trump and special counsel Robert Mueller have been published since the special counsel's investigation launched in May 2017, Axios reported Monday."

The articles generated 245 million interactions, including likes, comments and shares on social media giants Twitter and Facebook. Since the majority of the articles about him were negative, and these articles go out world wide, you see how Russia and Putin damaged our country with the help of the Democrats and the American media who fell for (or in) the false Clinton opposition research about the phony dossier.

And it's still going on. I watched CNN this morning. I know.  They won't give this up. It's just too lucrative.

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