Friday, March 08, 2019

Children need fathers—especially boys

“Telomeres are caps of DNA on the tips of our chromosomes. Think of them like the cap on a bicycle tire or the plastic tips of shoelaces that prevent the laces from fraying. Certain things cause our telomeres to shorten, and when that happens we experience cell dysfunction leading to various health problems.

In the case of boys, nine-year-olds who had no father in the home had telomeres that were 14 percent shorter than those with fathers. When broken down by reason for the loss of the father, the effect was greatest , 16 percent,  in children whose fathers were dead. For children whose fathers were incarcerated, the reduction in telomeres averaged 10 percent; for those whose parents were divorced or separated, it was 6 percent.”

Jordan Peterson and the author of The Boy Crisis, Warren Farrel,

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