Friday, March 15, 2019

Mr. Reagan’s blog

There’s a new blogger on the scene who calls himself, Mr. Reagan.  He’s catching the eye of a number of older, more established conservative writers and journalists>  He’s figured out who is behind Alexandria Ocasio Cortez. . . the so-called Justice Democrats, writes Paul Kengor at The American Spectator.

“What we need to do is take over the Democratic Party,” insists Cenk Uygur, a Justice Democrat and one of the left’s leading voices. He’s pushing for what he openly calls a “hostile takeover” of the Democratic Party. “We’re going to primary all of them — all vulnerable Democrats,” he vows. “We want hundreds — we want to replace Congress.”

“Mr. Reagan” calculates that of the 79 candidates endorsed by Cenk and the Justice Democrats in the last election, 26 won their races. That’s a very successful record that could prove explosive as they seek to increase their candidates into the hundreds. Give them two dozen political figures like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and the delightful Rashida “we’re-going-to-impeach-the-mother-[blank]” Tlaib and they will launch a revolution. You think there’s chaos right now? Just wait. They’re not running through a third party. The Democrats have provided the vehicle, the Trojan Horse, for them to enact their ideological agenda.

A comment on Kengor’s article at the Spectator site, and I certainly agree.

“The Democrat party may be blowing up, but radical leftists are gaining ground. Like all authoritarians, they lie, intimidate, threaten, and exert violence against those who oppose them. They are ruthless and immoral thugs. Authoritarians do not need a political majority to gain control over government. The communists didn't have majorities. Hitler didn't have a majority. They seize power to exploit others for their own benefit. You cannot win a political struggle against them using customary debate and campaign tactics of a democracy because they are not "democrats." “

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