Thursday, October 07, 2021

Big reveal for Pfizer

Two bombshells this week about Pfizer. 1) Researchers admit natural immunity is better, and 2) Yes, fetal cells were used by Pfizer and they chose not to reveal it (to better compete), and lied to the various bioethics commissions. Meanwhile, Biden is not excusing those with conscientious objections. Add this to the whistle blowers in HHS revealing heart problems and the gaslighting by the media calling millions of people paranoid conspiracy theorists, and we have a HUGE mess. And yes, it was undercover research that revealed their lies to the American public and the churches.

Remember the Henrietta Lacks story, and the Tuskegee syphillis scandal? Do our "investigative" reporters only wake up when the trust of black citizens is violated?
Adult stem cells and cord blood stem cells do not raise special ethical concerns and are widely used in research and clinical care. President Bush stopped new embryonic cell lines from being developed with government money (did not affect privately funded research), but Obama jump started embryonic stem cell research I think during his first week in office. A huge difference in the characters of the two presidents.

Much of the income from Planned Parenthood is from selling baby parts--hearts, livers, scalps, eyeballs, etc.--for research.

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