Sunday, October 17, 2021

Wake up about Woke

Even with Republican Presidents Bush and Trump, the deep state was busy sowing dissent among government employees and had been for a long time. The current unrest--rioting, destroying businesses and tearing down statues--didn't start with the death of George Floyd or the Ferguson effect. It began in the 1930s in academe and by the time the rest of us "woke" up, it had taken root in most government agencies, and blossomed into our public schools, non-profits, think tanks, and the HR departments of corporations. Even some of our churches were reaping the thistle crops.

The FBI was holding workshops on intersectionality theory as well as diversity and inclusion.
Former CIA boss John Brennon, who lied under oath about Trump, declared he's infused with "white guilt" for being a white male. Brennan’s plan required diversity training and included agency-wide “unconscious bias” training.

The Department of Homeland Security was telling white employees they were committing microinequities and had been socialized to be oppressors.

The Army had launched Project Inclusion and is moving to stamp out "unconscious bias" a malicious theory that white people are born with inert bias in their genetic makeup that they are unaware of.
The Treasury Department was requiring training sessions to tell staff members that virtually all white people contribute to racism and needed to convert to "antiracism."

Sandia National Laboratories (nuclear) sent white male executives to 3 day reeducation camps and were taught that white male culture was analogous to the KKK, white supremacists, and mass killings.
This is loosely known as critical race theory and burbles with words difficult to define but quick to lob a bomb such as equity, diversity, inclusion, cultural sensitivity, microaggression, and links arms with transitioning of sexes, cisgender and militant feminism.
The movement is moving more quickly than most Conservatives can comprehend. Bush just grinned, and Trump was slow to do anything, or maybe couldn't imagine that our freedom loving, capitalist country was eroding so quickly. And then when he did take action, was roundly criticized by the MSM and Leftist think tankers using their template--racism. But he was the first president to act against this threat. Now Biden, of course, has it in full swing again, as you can see from his disastrous Afghanistan move with the weak generals.

Wake up, don't be forced to accept woke lies. Vote even in the lower level campaigns that you would usually ignore--city council, school board, judges, school and library bond issue. Remember, non-citizens are allowed to vote in some states in local elections. Who brings them in? Democrats. Write or protest to your representatives. Support the writers and speakers and pastors who are knowledgeable. Talk to your friends and neighbors. Speak up. The next time you're accused of racism because you have common sense and are a patriot, push back. Refuse the workshops on diversity training. Bring a lawyer if you must. Be the Paul Revere of our era--there's a battle to be won and they aren't slowing down. They've got a 30 year head start.

Critical Race Theory is Marxism, simply substituting color of skin for class. Wealth, social position and education level are all fluid in the United States. With skin color, the Left has a never ending source of jealousy, resentment and vilification.

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