Sunday, October 24, 2021

Decriminalizing shoplifting has hurt blacks

Decriminalizing shoplifting has hurt black communities and store owners, says Jason Riley in Wall Street Journal, Oct. 19. Walgreens has closed 22 stores in San Francisco where thefts under $950 are effectively decriminalized.

Using Target as another example, Mr. Riley notes the closure in recent years of Target stores in predominantly black sections of Chicago, Milwaukee, and Flint, Mich. in the wake of not only increased store thefts but also rioting, looting, and violent anti-police protests.

"If you are middle class and the nearest big-box store closes, you simply drive to a different one or its equivalent. But if you are a poor single mom without a car, your options are limited. You’ve just lost access, perhaps, to the closest, cheapest and widest variety of fresh produce, medicines and other goods. The alternatives are more-expensive convenience stores and less-healthy processed food for your family."

Mr. Riley says, "The fallout from antipolice protests in recent years has been all too predictable, as has the left’s response to it. Large employers quit urban areas after the riots of the 1960s as well, and some of those communities still haven’t fully recovered. Until the rule of law is restored and enforced, they probably never will."

How are our Democrats/socialists/progressives helping black communities? After destroying businesses with invitations to steal, they blame the investors and profit motive, and call the lack of retain or big box stores "systemic racism." Do all Democrats work for free? Do AOC and Bernie get paid? Do they have nice neighborhoods to shop in, or security guards to protect their belongings? And how about all those CRT free-lance workshops. Aren't they overpaid and living in abundance?

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