Monday, October 25, 2021

New Movie about the Biden Crime family--My Son Hunter

"Dynasty" Star John James will play the role of Joe Biden in the film, "My Son Hunter." "The script has it all. Money, power, greed, sex, drugs, and alcohol. It kind of reminds me of Dynasty . . . This is a common tale of a father’s ultimate love for his son, despite his major shortcomings. My Son Hunter is an inside look at the world of politics.”
The media, big tech, and the establishment worked overtime to coverup the truth about the Biden Family Corruption. Soon you'll be able to see the movie. 16% of Biden voters would have not voted for him, had they known this story. It's crowd sourced.  Send your tax-deductible gift securely online or you can send your gift by check to: The Unreported Story Society, 578 Washington Blvd #802, Marina del Rey, CA 90292

The film’s producers are Irish filmmakers and journalist couple Phelim McAleer and Ann McElhinney (“Gosnell,” “FrackNation”). McAleer said they were thrilled to have James on board the project.
“Joe Biden is a complex character,” explained McAleer. “At times he mumbles and stumbles but he also is one the longest serving politicians in Washington who has become very wealthy during his time in public service. John is the perfect actor to portray that complexity.”

McAleer said My Son Hunter will be “Austin Powers meets King Lear meets House of Cards.”
“Joe and Hunter have this strange King Lear style relationship. Hunter can never live up to his fathers’ expectations. And although Joe loves Hunter, he sees him both as an addict who needs help and a business opportunity to be exploited. This conflict is what makes for the great drama.”

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