Wednesday, October 06, 2021

Illustrated History of the Diocese of Columbus--today's new book purchase


Dear UAPL:

This is not a purchase suggestion; I'd like to donate it for circulation.  There are 9 copies in the system, none in UAPL and 5 are non-circ. I purchased it today at VOA for 90 cents.  Published in Italy in 2001, it is in prime condition with good quality paper and color photos. I'm not a Catholic, but enjoyed reading it due to the local history and excellent photos of local churches including St. Andrew, St. Timothy, St. Agatha, plus local schools like Ready and Watterson, Ohio Dominican and the Josephinum.  It also has photos of local works of art. It's not really a reference book, or even just local history (the diocese is huge and covers many communities) which is why I'd like to see it in your circulating collection. The UAPL does not have a good collection on Christian denominations, the history of Christianity or even Christian values or ideas, and I believe this would be a valuable addition to your collection.

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