Saturday, October 23, 2021

Why we shouldn't use the China model

Biden's cozy with China, but it isn't in good shape even though we seem to be using it as a model.

China has a birth dearth--also too few women. Only a few countries have abortion laws as gruesome and destructive as ours, and China is one of them. In the USA, motherhood and womanhood is being demeaned and destroyed (pregnant persons) by the trans agenda.

China has too few workers, and too few young people to fund retirement and pension plans. In the USA, we pay people to stay out of the work force and kill pensions with raging inflation.

China is killing off its millionaires and billionaires. Literally. As in dead. Our Congress is just trying to tax them out of existence.
China is experiencing a fossil fuel shortage and many may freeze or starve to death.

China wants to wipe out Taiwan, a democracy. We're destroying ours from within by electing the radical left wing of the Democrat party.

Xi is a devoted Communist. We should learn from him. China is at war with the USA and has been for decades.
Information from Steven W. Mosher as interviewed on World Over, Raymond Arroyo

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