Monday, October 11, 2021

Happy Indigenous peoples Day

The Green New Steal folks and the "Include everyone but Whites" cults love to overlook that slavery is still endemic in Africa, and that African slaves were sold to European slavers by Africans and over 90% went to South America, not North America. There are more slaves today than during the 18th century trans-Atlantic slave trade.   In South America slaves had long been sacrificed by indigenous people for fertility, agricultural crops, and maybe just to show one's importance. "The eminence of chiefs and kings, the ritual and political necessity for human sacrifice, and the obligatory nature of exchange relationships were reinforced by and used to justify the presence of human captives. Culturally, the figure of the captive, or sometimes “pet,” was, and still is, important not just at the level of political representation, but also cosmologically, because the key relationship between humanity and divinity is one of predation for many native peoples [in South America] (from PART III - SLAVERY AMONG THE INDIGENOUS AMERICANS, 1492-1820, Cambridge University Press: 2011.

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