Saturday, October 30, 2021

Praising God, by Scott

I watched Scott grow up in our church; sat behind his family for years. Now he's a pastor with many children, and I still watch him grow through Facebook. I don't know the details, but apparently there was an accident and his wife was driving. His praise and thanks are worth re-reading.

"Tonight I give thanks. My Deanna is okay—better than okay—after a box truck pulled in front of her this afternoon. A devastating and violent collision. Amazing fire rescue, police, and EMTs. And medical experts that have helped us navigate this evening. For phone calls and texts. For prayers and love. For the rescue of Ms Paula to watch my kiddos and Mr. William for his presence, comfort, and guidance through Piedmont Hospital. Tonight I give thanks because what was could have been so much worse. Tonight I give thanks for engineers and inventors who develop safety features for cars. Tonight I give thanks to the men and women who installed airbags on our van. You can see in the picture a cross. It has been hanging from our mirror for as long as we can remember. Tonight, I give thanks to our almighty God who has protected my wife through this day and has surrounded us by such a great cloud of witnesses. Tonight, I give thanks.
We are headed home from the hospital in a few minutes. All of Deanna’s tests and scans came back clear. Soreness is moving in for a little while. Gratitude—that is staying."

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