Friday, October 08, 2021

Can anyone defend a Biden decision or policy?

Bruce Zimmerman at The comment section for Washington Post asked me what had Trump ever done that was positive, so I told him.

Abraham accord
Energy independence
Border security
Support for the unborn
Judicial appointments of constitutionalist
Anti-war leadership
NATO--fair share
Operation Warp Speed when Dems said couldn't be done
Disruptor of corruption in both parties
Best economic progress for Blacks in 50 years
Freedom from Obamacare mandate
African-American unemployment has lowest rate ever recorded.
Hispanic-American unemployment lowest rate ever recorded.
Asian-American unemployment lowest rate ever recorded.
Women’s unemployment the lowest rate in 65 years.
4 million off food stamps
Biggest tax cuts and reforms in our history
Net natural gas exporter
Right to try medical procedure (which probably saved him from long hospital stay from Covid)
Big increase in military funding (which Biden threw away)
Got us out of the Iran steal
Hospitals to disclose costs
Animal cruelty a felony
Transparency and Competition for insurance companies
Bringing American companies home
Reductions of regulations strangling businesses

I did not support him in 2016, but he really opened our eyes (obviously not yours). Being a Trump supporter is an adult education like we've never had before. He was not indebted to either party and we really saw the fangs and claws come out when he began calling out the good old boys' club that is DC politicking. We saw the unelected bureaucrats rise up and defend their lives at the public trough. We knew the legislatures at the state and federal level had become very weak, but we really took notice on how the most insignificant judge on the lowest court could take on the president and prevent him from undoing the shady Executive Orders of the previous president.

We began to see why his slogan "Make America Great Again" was such an anathema to Democrats, increasingly controlled by its left flank. Why the red hats had to be snatched from heads, and ugly arguments started. Why the pink hats had to make women look like blood thirsty baby killers.
If you can't compare the current bumbling fool to a blustery business man that runs circles around him and see the difference, advice from an 82 year old former Democrat won't convince you.

Update by Anna: Let's add criminal justice reform, record funding for historically black colleges, and dumping NAFTA for the USMCA. The list of his accomplishments is endless, but liberals have not heard about any of them, because their preferred media sources don't report them. He probably accomplished more in 4 years and kept more of his campaign promises than any other president, and this while being attacked from all sides.

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