Friday, October 29, 2021

Physical therapy instead of drugs or surgery

My week has been “eventful.” Two physical therapy appointments and the guy came to measure for blinds. Woot!  Oh yes, and the Clark shoes I ordered came in just 4 days from Greenwood, Indiana.  I loved this "Mary Jane" style, and had been unable to find it.  Now I've ordered 2 and the athletic shoes.

I had 7 referrals last week from my doctor during my annual Medicare exam. Two were for physical therapy. My hands and my balance. Two problems that had been increasing probably the last decade. I've already been discharged from the hand therapy--and good news, I only needed a "tune up." The exercises I need to regain my dexterity and strength are very simple and require no special equipment--like stacking pennies, squeezing putty, paying attention to how I use my hands, using a special jar opener (he gave me one) and also playing solitaire, or just shuffling, stacking, manipulating cards, etc. He said stringing together safety pins would be good too, although I currently don’t have a package. I remember when I volunteered at PDHC I had to pin tags to baby booties (a gift when women come in for an ultrasound) and it was difficult for me to manipulate closing the pins over the yarn.

The hand therapist gave me a little package called “Hothands” which I think hunters and tailgaters use to keep their hands warm. They stay warm about 6 hours after they are exposed to air. I’m going to check around and see where they are sold, because it sure felt nice.  My hands always are stiff in cold weather.

The balance will take a little longer. But during the interview when I mentioned my periodic bouts with vertigo the last 2 years, she got right on that. Even though I am not having the trouble right now, when she did manipulation of my neck and head, she found lose crystals floating around I didn't know about. She said until we solved that problem, there would be no therapy for my balance. For the rest of the day I wasn’t suppose to bend or put my head back, and I couldn’t take a nap (that's the worst part), but by today all is in good shape. She told me even when I'm not aware of any vertigo symptoms (which I could have had for years), it's probably affecting my balance. So when I rolled over in bed this morning, I wasn’t dizzy.

I gave up my bike I think around 2010-11 because of poor balance, and I know I didn't have vertigo until a few years ago—or wasn’t aware of it. So, next week I go back and work on balance.

And it was a good week for LuLaRoe yoga pants.  The VOA has many racks of that brand since it went bankrupt, and the last Tuesday of the month VOA has a half-off sale.  So I bought four more at $3.50 each. Wild and crazy, but soft and comfy. I wore this one today with a bright pink shirt.


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Norma said...

The shoes arrived in just 2 days--no supply chain problems between here and Indiana. Then I handed them to my husband and said, "Wrap them up for Christmas."