Friday, October 08, 2021

Toni Evans, Olentangy Liberty school law suit

I heard the lawyer of Toni Evans (fired from Olentangy Liberty school district) on the radio today and she's suing. He says she was fired (told to resign) for commenting to a student in April that the virus had come from China and US was getting PPE from China. Three administrators (she's suing them) said her comment was racist. Isn't it amazing how that word has become widened and bloated just since 2008? I'm not sure, but I think it was a private conversation. She's not a person with any power; she's a study hall monitor, single woman, 58 years old, 20 years employed and her dismissal will prevent her from getting another job in a school, the lawyer said. You know how they are with the "little people," let's hope they let her keep her pension.

I think it was just filed, however, when I looked online, I found she was suspended for a poster that was "anti-black" on her Facebook page. So I checked that and it was a photo of "The Squad." I'd say it's the school district that is racist if every time they see a Democrat black politician they only see the race. I've commented about The Squad many times, and it's not about their race even when they insert it.

Another employee, with a very Slavic or East European surname in that same article was also suspended for posting a photo of a transgender couple where "he" was pregnant and "she" had provided the sperm. Again, there was nothing inaccurate in the photo or information that I could see, except by positing it she was accused of being transphobic, by the standards of the school administrators. Where are they finding these laws that they are "enforcing?" Suspended for understanding biology? Do the administrators discipline employees who are Marxists or Socialists or Monarchists or Tribalists? Or just people with ordinary values and intelligence.

So I looked through a few other items about that school district (Delaware County, north of Columbus) and see it is really in to intersectionality, BLM, transgenderism, anti-racism (which is the opposite of what it sounds like), "women's health" (aka pro-abortion), congratulating their mostly white wealthy community (ca. 4% black) with virtue signaling after George Floyd's death, and obviously not for freedom of speech or diversity of thought.

I suppose it will be on the news, so follow this case. And I wouldn't move there if you are house hunting.

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