Thursday, November 27, 2014

A note of thanksgiving from our step-nephew

Not all moms are perfect, nor are all dads, but without them we wouldn't be here to even express an opinion. I got lucky. I have four sets of parents. My mom and dad, my stepmom and stepdad, my in-laws, (both passed) as a result of my marriage, and the "Big Brother" organization, Big Brother (also passed) and his wife. Each one of them did, and continues to love me in their own special way. I don't deserve any of it, but am sure glad God knew ...I was going to be a handful and positioned eight good people along the way to coach, mentor, and guide me into becoming the best person I could be. Thanks (names in the original). Yes, it's almost Thanksgiving, and this man has much to be thankful for in his life. Author on the right in the photo.

Christmas 2010--Poisals

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