Sunday, November 09, 2014

Scott Walker—a winner

I'm really liking Scott Walker, not because of his looks or personality the way a lot of women choose political favorites, but because of what he's done for Wisconsin. Could he do the same for the rest of the country? The Democrats went all out to defeat him because they knew the importance of this race. He has faced down the unions and won; he’s promised to return tax money to the people and made good on the promise. President Obama , first lady Michelle Obama (twice), Bill Clinton, Elizabeth Warren and AFL-CIO head Richard Trumka all stumped for his highly qualified and appealing opponent--but she lost. Lets hope Republicans don't shoot themselves in the foot again come 2016.


Anonymous said...

he has ruined one of the best states in the Union and you want him to do the same of the rest of our country? Give me a break

Norma said...

Balancing the state budget, and controlling public unions is ruining Wisconsin? We should all be so lucky.