Thursday, November 13, 2014

Today I did go

I agree with this...


Today I visited Green Lawn Cemetery in Columbus, Ohio, with the Conestoga group. Many famous people await the resurrection here, many species of trees, wonderful sculptures, and hundreds of stories (about 147,000) known only to the families. I'd driven past it for 47 years, and finally visited.  The average temperature this time of year is usually 55, but it was 31, and we were pretty cold.  The Docent did a wonderful job.  I hope to go again when the weather is nice.  Three OSU presidents, Edward Orton, William Oxley Thompson, and George W. Rightmire are buried there and five Ohio governors.   Also, Captain Eddie Rickenbacker, famous WWI pilot.  Samuel P. Bush, grandfather and great grandfather of Bush 41 and 43 is also there. There are over 150 species of trees, and it’s a favorite spot for migratory birds.

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