Sunday, November 23, 2014

How the rest of the country sees the voters of NYC

Here's an interesting letter from "the rest of the country" to the voters in Manhattan, NY:

"By per capita income, Manhattan is the richest county in the country. In New York, and in Manhattan specifically, you have put in place more government programs to address poverty and income inequality than has any other state or locality. You have higher taxes than any other jurisdiction. You have a vast array of housing programs, from extensive low-income public housing, to rent regulation, to multiple “affordable housing” initiatives. Your welfare programs are the nation’s most generous. You have the most generous Medicaid program, too. And you spend almost double the national average per student on K-12 education.

Yet, even with all those programs and all that spending, according to Census Bureau statistics, Manhattan’s poverty rate is above the national average. . ." Read the whole letter--really good..

One of the better comments on the letter that really reflects on trying to reason with liberals:

“There is no hope that this message will get across. Theirs is not merely a political persuasion: it is a religious belief akin to Islam in its all-encompassing nature. It is impervious to logic and the lessons of reality. It controls every aspect of their lives: personal, social, and political. It is culturally deadly and is quite incurable.”

One commenter blamed Fox News for the author’s viewpoint.  Boy! Doesn’t that sound familiar.

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