Saturday, November 22, 2014

Media and Bill Cosby and Bill Clinton scandals

The only thing I'm absolutely sure about is we'll never know the truth about Bill Cosby. The same charges were brought against Bill Clinton, and the main stream press blamed the women. Now in a big reversal, the celebrity is being blamed and smeared by the media. Maybe it's racism, or a cover of bigger stories. Who can tell--we're so manipulated. We've been lied to so often about sex, money, power, celebrities and politics, uncovering what happened 30-40 years ago won't be easy, and do we even want to know? You younger people don't remember what it was like to finally see a black person performing on TV as someone other than a dancer or clown (Cosby in "I Spy", 1965-68). And the millions of families he helped get through those teen years. I weep for him, us and the truth.

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