Friday, November 28, 2014

Michael Brown and what ifs

If Michael Brown had been shot by a black police officer, and everything else was the same, including the investigation, we would have never heard of him (rate is actually higher because about 1 in 4 police officers were members of a racial or ethnic minority in 2007 according to BJS); if Michael Brown had been white and shot by a police officer of any ethnic group after knocking over a store owned by an Asian and everything else was the same, including the investigation, we would have never heard of him--except hate crime might have been added to the list. That's how I know who and why Ferguson is such a big story. Obama is bringing in 5 million + illegals to take jobs and benefits and blacks will be hurt the most. Some other crisis is needed to cover the problem of Obama's power grab.


Anonymous said...

Couple of things here... If M Brown had been shot by a black officer, the officer would have been prosecuted because the prosecutor would actually have done his job rather than the sham performance he gave. And President Obama did not bring in 5 million immigrants to give them jobs, they were already here. But now they can legally be employed and now they can pay taxes that weren't being paid before.

Anonymous said...

Trolls are really busy.

Norma said...

The black officer would not have been prosecuted or even charged so there would be a Grand Jury. I remember during the OJ trial a black man chased and shot his wife on the streets of Columbus in daylight. Didn't hear about it in Cleveland? I'm not surprised.

Anonymous said...

Democrats support abortion for any reason, even gender and race.

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Psalm 98: 1