Saturday, November 29, 2014

It’s never the obvious

I saw on a liberal site that the Ebola scare in the U.S. was induced by the GOP and cost Obama the Senate. Really? The media (which had a melt down over Ebola and really overdid it) are in Obama's pocket and the CDC and the HHS are controlled by Obama, and their spokespersons were all over the media. And the charges of racism when a black African died and the white Americans didn't? That was the GOP? The nurse who decided to violate her quarantine was a Democrat, right?  Now if they want to discuss the outsiders in Ferguson diverting attention of Obama's power grab over immigration, we could have a "conversation."

Our house guest this week-end is a citizen of Guinea in West Africa, which along with Sierra Leone is still having outbreaks of Ebola according to WHO.  However, he has lived in Haiti for the last two years.  He did note that when he arrived in Miami he was questioned closely by security and then allowed to pass.  He said his mother had died in July, and his sister urged him not to come home for the funeral, because then he wouldn’t have been allowed to return to Haiti.

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