Monday, November 24, 2014

Democrats go after the bad

A caller to the Michael Medved show (98.9 fm Columbus) today commented that when something bad happens, it's good for the Democrats because they are perpetual ambulance chasers.

  • More single moms? Vote Democrat.
  • Neighborhood housing stock collapsing? Vote Democrat.
  • 11 million illegals taking American jobs? Vote Democrat.
  • Bad infrastructure? Vote Democrat.
  • Gays want to marry and straights don't? Vote Democrat.
  • VA hospital long wait list? Vote Democrat.
  • IRS and NSA and Secret Service scandals? Vote Democrat.
  • Health care too expensive because of red tape, fraud, and regulations? Vote Democrat.

The ones who cause the problems think they should get to fix them! And somehow, the public buys this gruberazation, because maybe the voters really are stupid.

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