Sunday, November 23, 2014

Western Civilization

“Western civilization is the envy of the globe. It has given to the world universally accepted understandings of human rights (rooted in Judeo-Christian principles), created standards for art, music, and literature that have never been equaled, and originated political and social systems that have spread all across the planet.

Unfortunately, the fog of political correctness now obscures these and other truths about Western civilization. Leftists and Islamic jihadists find common cause in assailing Western "colonialism," "imperialism," and "racism" as its defining characteristics. Guilt-ridden Western leaders and public figures speak of their cultural patrimony in disparaging terms they would never dare to use about a non-Western culture. And in the academy, "multicultural"-minded professors flatter students into believing they have nothing really to learn from Sophocles or Shakespeare.” from product description, Everything you should know--but PC professors won't teach--about our Western heritage

Fortunately, when I was at Manchester College (now Manchester University) my western civ professor was Dr. Gladdys Muir.  I never got the nonsense taught today in many colleges.  She was wonderful.

Gladdys Muir, peace studies pioneer, was born into a loving family who nurtured her in many ways, including art and music. Although she was described as a shy person in her youth, she had an inner strength and courage that drew her to teaching - a career that spanned 52 years at LaVerne College and then at Manchester College.

In 1947 Muir proposed that programs for the study of international conflict be established at each of the Brethren-related colleges. The Peace Studies Institute at Manchester College was the first program in the world to provide a major in peace studies and was a model for dozens of peace and conflict studies programs in the late 1960s. (a diary kept in 2008 for the Church of the Brethren 300th year anniversary)

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