Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Korean American describes life for a Christian on college campus

Ellice Young Eun Park: "I went to a school in the Bay Area where the dominant belief was atheism, agnosticism, and Buddhist - and Hindu-informed culture. The hatred towards Christianity and Christians was pretty hot, I have no problem saying this to anyone. They're not radical militants, but they're cool, interesting, and academically super intelligent people. Some are very sweet, and funny. Hatred towards Christians comes wrapped in many faces.

My first week there! I was told, "This school knocks the Christian beliefs out of you. Most people here who start out Christian become atheists or agnostics by the time they graduate." I stared that person square in the eye and asked, "oh yeah? That isn't happening to me, not by anyone here." They looked at me and said, "I guess we will see, but my bet is it will get to you too." Sure enough, I sat in a biology class where the teachers main knock off joke was to mock Jesus, mock the existence of a Christian deity, and mock Christians. They didn't knock my faith out, but they fired me up after being in the comforts of the lca bubble. Maybe I should thank them, huh.

Interfaith dialogue is a joke if the main aim is to mock and try to shame someone out of their beliefs, or scare it out of them, or rule it against them. What, so are the Muslims going to fight for America for Americas protection and interests, and be patriotic to the USA after kicking the Christians out of the military--making it a hostile environment for Christian soldiers?

Pray for the Christian friends and family you have. Write a letter, use your voice, stand for your beliefs because nobody else will do it for you. I think we buy into this idea that Christianity is a dominant religion and sit back to see what others do. But the reality is that popular culture loves bashing on Christians, academics celebrate slashing at Christians, millennials are mostly uninterested in Christian belief, and devout Christians are a real minority. Jesus did say that many would call him Lord And did so much for him, but that he would not recognize them. Let's at least stand for those we love! even if we won't stand for ourselves.

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