Tuesday, November 11, 2014

My new kitchen appliances

I know this is a first world problem and petty, but I've spent ca. $3000 on new kitchen appliances and I'm not sure I like any of them. Styles have changed and they don't look that terrific with my 1990s cabinets. All appliances are much larger than 20 years ago when this kitchen got a make-over by the previous owner. Then everything was flush. Now they look like they've been on steroids and everything is muscular and loud. Yes, loud. The new wall oven has a fan that doesn't turn off when it is in use! It actually blows my hair when I walk by! I upgraded the dishwasher for silence and get a noisy oven! We need to have a contractor slice about 1/2" off the counter so we can push the oven in all the way, but it will still stick out further than the old one. Sunday night we had dinner at a friend's and I noticed they have the same problem.

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Lisa said...

I am totally with you on this. Why is there a need for something described as small to be so big and clunky looking? I’ve had to search long and hard to find small appliances that are actually “small” and that do not compromise size for efficiency. Even now I think some of my small ones are too big for my kitchen.

Lisa @ Westinghouse Small Appliances