Monday, November 24, 2014

Peter Kreeft’s Practical Theology

I am a Protestant with Anabaptist baptism (1950) and current Lutheran confirmation (1976), so my TBR list hasn't included Thomas Aquinas. If you've had seminary training, is he ever mentioned in a positive light? (Revelation is not found only in Scripture or only in church tradition; revelation is a divine source of knowledge of which the Bible and the church are channels).

Well, here's a Christmas gift book suggestion for the heavy duty thinkers and pastors on your Christmas book list : "Practical theology; spiritual direction from Saint Thomas Aquinas." Ignatius Press, 2014. It is topically arranged, with each page a brief excerpt from Summa Theologiae (4,000 pages), with Peter Kreeft's annotation and explanation. I would have preferred 365 pieces of wisdom rather than 359, but reviewers don't get to design the title. Kreeft has made Aquinas brief, livable and personal, although not exactly lovable.

Topics include the problem of evil; reconciling justice and mercy; angels and demons; the purpose of morality; evil and ignorance; how Christ's death opened heaven; what is the significance of Jesus being crucified between 2 thieves; qualifications for religious teachers; how do the Beatitudes relate to the 10 Commandments, and so forth.

I don't claim to understand all this--but sometimes it's just a relief to get away from "16 ways to pray in the car," or "I'm spiritual but not religious" type books.

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Anonymous said...

I just started reading it, but it's quickly becoming one of my favorite books.