Saturday, November 15, 2014

STEM Women

I've seen stupid stories about women, but this beats all. Feminists got their naked lady tattoos in a knot over this guy's shirt and ignored the science. Now that should help the camaraderie in the lab.

"At first, people were excited. Then some women noticed that one of the space scientists, Matt Taylor, was wearing a shirt, made for him by a female "close pal," featuring comic-book depictions of semi-naked women."

It became a bigger story than Kim Kardashian's naked butt, which as far as I could tell had no scientific merit. Women can wear anything they want or nothing at all, all in an effort to attract men, but by golly, men better stay covered in something gender neutral and pretend they don’t care about what women look like—not even cartoonish women.…/shirt-comet-girls-femin…/19083607/

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