Friday, November 21, 2014

Obama’s lawless action on amnesty

Why should we believe any promises/assurances the president said last night? Twenty plus times he said he wouldn't do that; in 2009 he claimed we could keep our insurance and doctors. He lies, lies, lies, then parses the lies. If he doesn't like a law, he just goes around it or ignores it. He claims 5 million is not blanket amnesty, that these visa over stayers and border jumpers will have to do x-y-z, that until Congress acts, he must do this overreaching and violate the Constitution.

So if Congress does act in Obama's last 2 years, he'll just veto it; if there are 10 million, he'll just override what he said last night. The man can't be trusted. If you are an O-supporter, remember the next President may be a Republican and decide to undo some of your favorite causes because Obama has shown how to do it.

Senator Barack Obama helped kill immigration reform. "Obama was part of the bipartisan group of senators who began meeting in 2005 on comprehensive immigration reform. But last summer [2007], with the presidential nominating race well under way, Obama backed 11th-hour amendments - supported by labor, immigrant rights, and clergy groups - that Republicans saw as imperiling the fragile compromise. None of those measures passed. But Obama was part of a 49-to-48 majority that voted to end after five years a temporary worker program that had been a cornerstone of the immigration deal. The vote, backed by labor, was seen as a major setback to bipartisan negotiations." (Christian Science Monitor) He couldn't be trusted then, can't be trusted now.

John McCain and Ted Kennedy had been working on a bipartisan immigration reform bill since 2005, but Democrats took control of Congress in 2007 and decided they needed a divided Congress to whip up emotion and more votes from Hispanics; if the solution were bipartisan, then that might not happen.

Although Obama talks up the tragedy of children and parents (anchor babies) appealing to Hispanics, students and workers from all over the world who have just stayed after their visas have run out also have children, friends, and jobs. Obama has relatives in that group. All are coming ahead of those families who have tried to immigrate legally.

His main intention is to make Republicans look bad if they try to undo his illegal actions—all 5 million of them.

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