Sunday, November 23, 2014

Thursday Thirteen--Better the dumper than the dumpee

Possibly my memory fails on unpleasant thoughts, but I think I was only "dumped" once by a boyfriend. However, it was a valuable experience. A life lesson, as it were. I learned it is better to be the dumper than the dumpee. For instance, it is better to
  1. buy the new tires before one of the balding set goes bad on a dark night on the free-way

  2. lose 5 lbs before it becomes 20

  3. withdraw from the course rather than get a B or C

  4. take the lower fixed rate rather than the higher with the risk when investing, and the higher fixed rate rather than the adjustable lower one when buying a house

  5. stop the exercise when the first hitch in your get-along starts

  6. quit choir before they notice you can't sing a note

  7. volunteer for the job no one else wants

  8. fix old favorites for family dinners

  9. use the rest stop even if you don't have to go

  10. make sure the windows are closed if you plan to go out

  11. carry a list of prescriptions with you, so when they ask each time at the doctor's office, you'll know

  12. be the first to offer when the hostess says, "who would like to bring. . ." so you have the best choice

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