Saturday, November 15, 2014

Comment on Democrat voters, Michael Petrino

“The Republicans are deceiving themselves if they think Democrats, or those who vote for them, are disturbed by the fact that Gruber is a liar and a simpleton, or that Obamacare will ultimately bring them great pain. Honesty and integrity are characteristics that are not highly valued by Democrat voters. If they were highly valued, Hillary would not be the leading contender for the Democrat nomination in 2016. Ted Kennedy would not have been returned to office over and over again after he killed Mary Jo. Bill Clinton would not be revered after the no lo plea and the statements by a number of women that he assaulted them. Barney Frank would not have been reelected many times after it was discovered that a prostitution ring was being run out of his apartment by his partner. Charlie Rangel would not have been reelected after he was found to have engaged in violations of the tax code. Democrats just do not care; they want politicians who can be relied upon to give them "free" stuff.”

This comment was made at the article about how Gruber and CBO cooked the books on Obamacare.


bored with it said...

t's over! Just can't you find something else to bitch about?

Norma said...

Over? The news is just growing and growing about Jonathan Gruber. In fact, to gruber, or to be grubered have made it into the English language. Oh, wait. You watch CBS and ABC and you haven't heard of Gruber yet? And you're a Democrat?