Thursday, November 27, 2014

Asian solidarity or duped young people?

Shout out to all my brothers and sisters of all nations out there supporting. I love and appreciate you!

Ferguson and St. Louis voters have freely elected a Democratic party power structure, and there is not a shred of evidence, as determined by the Grand Jury, that there was anything improper in the behavior of the police. All U.S. government studies show that relations between police and blacks has been improving for 20 years, and violence has dropped dramatically, making black communities safer  (Police-Public Contact Survey). On the other hand, there has been a great deal of illegal behavior by some residents and outsiders in looting, burning and destruction of property, some of it owned by Asians and blacks. These people want to undo the progress of the last 20 years. Is this really what the "Asian Solidarity" group wants?


An estimated 776,000 persons experienced force or the
threat of force by police at least once in 2008 (table 17). This
total represented an estimated 1.9% of the approximately
40.0 million people experiencing face-to-face police contact
during 2008

The National Crime Victimization Survey (NCVS) is an
annual survey that collects data on crime against persons age
12 or older from a nationally representative, stratified, multistage
cluster sample of U.S. households. Since 1999, the
Police-Public Contact Survey (PPCS) has been administered
every 3 years as a supplemental survey to all persons ages
16 or older within households sampled for the NCVS.


Anonymous said...

My niece is very worried about the racial profiling her children might be subjected to in a small town south of Columbus. The parents are already counseling their son, a very smart little 8 year old and his younger sisters about how they should behave if confronted by the police. The mother is Japanese and the father is a tall blond. It is real and it is in Ohio. From your palace in UA, you have no reason to feel any empathy or sympathy. Rush and Glenn are your gods and you find every excuse to support the side of hate. It must make for a sad life.

Norma said...

Really? You seem to know a lot about my life in the palace in UA where Asians are among the highest demographic in education and wealth. How do you think biracial Asian children are treated in Japan or China or Vietnam?