Tuesday, November 11, 2014

The worthy goals of the ACA

The two most important goals of Obamacare were to reduce the number of uninsured (estimated at about 44 million in 2009) and to reduce health care costs. Those were admirable goals with which no one can argue. Almost immediately the CBO figured there was not going to be a reduction in costs, and might even be an increase.

And the uninsured? Well, about half were young and in their youthful way had decided they'd rather have pizza and beer than do that co-pay and deduction at work; another large group made over $75,000 a year and just chose not to insure, or could self insure.

So that left about 30 million uninsured poor people, many of whom were already eligible for Medicaid but didn't sign up. Now even the most Obama-loving estimates are there will still be about 14 million uninsured when this all shakes out. For that, millions lost their doctors, their insurance and their jobs and we taxpayers lost hundreds of millions on a sign up system that didn't work, plus our right to privacy for our medical records. And the Democrats are scratching their heads on why they lost the election?

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