Saturday, November 01, 2014

Pathetic Democrat campaign tactics

It's just stunning that in the 2014 election all the Democrats have in their tool box of lies is equal pay for equal work for women (1963 law) and the myth that Republicans will return blacks to slavery and Jim Crow, when Democrats control all the major cities with the highest black unemployment, and we've had a black president for 6 years and a higher black voting rate than whites.

Democrats, instead of just saying, I’m not happy with Obama’s record, will lie that voting with him 97% doesn’t mean they approve, or they pretend ignorance, or they make outrageous statements like the female Senator from Louisiana a state that had a female governor during the Katrina disaster, that southerners don’t like women and blacks therefore she’s in a tough race.  Louisiana also has a minority governor at this time. She’s desperate to separate herself from Obama, so she just makes things up.

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