Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Are you still voting for Hillary?


I say this as someone who supported Carly and then Cruz; and as someone who'd rather have seen Jindal, Perry, Walker, or Rubio (at a minimum) there instead. This election is not a test of moral probity. Rather it is a test of reality. If Trump does not win, Hillary will. It doesn't matter whether you don't like that: it is fact. The choice, therefore, is between the two and no one else (if you live in a state that is certain to go for Hillary, vote for whomever you want, sure; but if you live in a state that has even a prayer of not falling to Hillary, you should vote Trump). Why?

1. Forget about Trump. Think about the 8,000 partisan political appointees. Trump does not impress his imprimatur upon each and every one of them. But today, those are 8,000 radical leftists, Cloward-Piven, Alinskyite, Valerie Jarrett signed, sealed and delivered people who despise America. Any Republican -- even Kasich, whom I utterly despise -- would replace 99% of the 8,000 with 8,000 Republicans. Whom do you think makes the detailed policies, writes the regulations, stifles the economy, cooks the books on a day-to-day basis? So vote Trump and get 8,000 Republicans or let Hillary win and get another 4-8 years of unrepentant leftists.

2. Radical Islam. Even if you believe nothing Trump has said, he is simply not a good enough actor or talent to be bs'ing his way through this. Hillary is another Obama, ready, with Huma Abedin, whose family has a proud history of supporting shari'a and the Muslim Brotherhood, to allow the religion of misogyny, death to gays, FGM, and the murder, torture and rape of innocents to continue its rampage (Merkel is, by Hillary's own admission, a "great leader" (see Time Magazine, 2016)). Trump may be many things but he is not shari'a compliant nor does he have any tolerance for Islamic terror.

3. LEOs vs. BLM. Just yesterday, in Akron, Ohio, a group of BLM "supporters" savagely beat 5 white men because they were white. Race relations are at a nadir because all Obama sees is race. Hillary is the same. Trump may be boorish, he may have tortured grammar, but he doesn't give a damn what color anyone is. The left's cries of "Nazi, racist," etc. are all one needs to know to see the fatuousness of such claims. Hillary has a history of hating the military and the police; Trump, the opposite.

4. Criminalization of the DOJ, EPA, IRS. Plus destruction of the FCC, sale of the Internet to International "oversight." Is there one chance in a trillion Hillary will fix any of these? No. Trump certainly may and to say he would be as crooked as Hillary is absurd. Anyone would be in prison -- except Hillary. Trump included. His sins are venial; Hillary's are mortal.

5. The perfect is the enemy of the good. The good is the enemy of the OK. There is no perfect candidate. Maybe not even a good candidate. But Trump is a billion times better than Hillary for the reasons I have articulated. It does no good to say: I stand for the Constitution and therefore I am #NeverTrump. What good does that do you when Hillary finishes Obama's evisceration. You cannot save the dead patient.

6. Which leads not just to SCOTUS but to all the appellate courts. Hillary wants to eviscerate the 1st and 2nd Amendments, and likely the 4th, 5th, 9th and 10th. Loretta Lynch has already advocated the criminal prosecution of both climate change "deniers" and those who would "slander the prophet of Islam." Whom do you think Hillary will appoint? Well, we already know her AG: Lynch. The rest will be a mix of Obamas, Lani Guiniers and Eric Holders, because, folks, that's how she rolls and that's who she is. Even Trump's worst selections couldn't be "more worse" than Hillary's. It's like asking what would be worse than an asteroid impact that destroyed the Earth? A bigger asteroid that still destroyed it?

7. The company you keep. Trump's been hanging out with Giuliani. Today John Bolton endorsed him. Dennis Prager has, too. Even Christie is a living god compared to Loretta Lynch. And Newt compared to whom? John Podesta? And what about Pence? Yeah, he's sure some radical leftist. Trump will not make every decision himself. No President does. So look to those around him. Reagan was a great President because he relied on real conservatives and on CATO for economics. Bush immediately went to the Eastern Establishment, so no surprise he went all-in on taxing (Bush I) and compassionate conservatism (spending like a drunken sailor - Bush II). Bush II also gave us the "religion of peace," courtesy of Michael Gerson. There are many reasons to believe, based on the company he's been keeping, that Trump will be better than Bush II.

8. Trade. Trump is big on bluster. He has no more chance of passing Smoot-Hawley II than Reagan had of outlawing all abortions. So it's pointless to go there. The worst that Trump could do isn't something he can do or is going to do. It's impractical.

9. Acceptance. You needn't like Trump. You needn't be a Trumpkin. You can recognize that, without a teleprompter, he's unrestrained and boorish (which is a lot better than I-haven't-given-a-press-conference-in-5,000 millennia-Hillary, since at her last one she uttered the timeless line "wipe it, like with a cloth," sure to go down as one of the great epistemological statements of all time, right up there with Aquinas's proofs of God).

10. A Republic, if you can keep it. Hillary can't and won't and doesn't want to. Just like Obama. Trump may barely understand, formally, what a Republic is, but he is an American. He doesn't hate our country. And isn't it about time we had a President who didn't hate our country and who had the cojones to tell the purveyors of shari'a into which volcanic orifice of Hell they should crawl?

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