Wednesday, August 03, 2016


 Speaking of being unfit to be President.... It was bad enough that this President has already released terrorists and planners of terrorism from Gitmo for purely political reasons, endangering innocents, while he is putting more American boots on the ground. Now, President Obama has jeopardized the lives of Americans by giving $400 million in untraceable cash to Iranian sponsors of terrorism. Worse, he is allowing Iran to develop nuclear weapons while the same time, they are acquiring and developing three stage rocket technology, creating a nuclear arms race in a region with loads of cash, surrogates of evil, a thriving black market and increasing radical extremism and very little respect for life.

It is unconscionable. The world is a far more dangerous place because of a President who defines being unfit for office.

Using the IRS to take Americans out of an election cycle for 2 1/2 years, arming drug cartels with weapons, lying to the American public, illegal amnesties, importing the unvetted, continuing imperial, unlawful and unconstitutional behavior, endangering troops abroad and citizens at home... One could make a pretty good case for impeachment if there were Republicans with the will to use their constitutional authority and Democrats with a little virtue and integrity, and the willingness to put country before their political party.

It seemed appropriate to resurrect this cartoon from January.

The Obama Iran Policy

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