Saturday, August 13, 2016

Why we need to stop Hillary

If every pro-life advocate voted against her, she wouldn't win. Don't sit back and let someone else do it because your candidate didn't win. My first three choices didn't either and boy, did I pout for a few days. But I looked at her views on abortion, the pending Supreme Court nominees, and her general criminal behavior, and had to suck it up.

She's not keen on the 2nd amendment although she does use armed security guards to protect her property and person. She criticizes Trump for wanting better vetting of Muslim refugees, but there was a fence around the DNC in Philadelphia and strict ID requirements so that no one could get in if not a delegate. (Although they did have to hire actors to sit in the seats for her speeches.)  She doesn't like our religious rights guaranteed in the Bill of Rights and will probably bring the full weight of her office to stop anyone from speaking out against government policies in any organization that has government grants or tax benefits--like all churches. It's already in the Johnson tax law, but haven't seen it used.

The email leaks, her tax returns showing her "charity" deductions all go the Clinton Foundation, the trail of bodies following her (another one recently in a suburb of DC--explosion, fire I think), the gun running reveals of this week, her record as Secretary of State during the creation of ISIS, her outrageous speaking fees which are just pay to play for foreign governments, hiring lawyer Khan to speak against Trump at the DNC, and on and on.  If you're supporting Hillary Clinton, why?

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