Thursday, August 18, 2016

What's up with the Never Trumpsters? The Trumpumpkins?

"In the land of NeverTrump, it turns out one American is more reviled than Donald Trump. This would be the Donald Trump VOTER.

Lincoln famously described government as of, by, and for the people. Even so, the people are now getting a hard lesson about what happens when they reject the advice of their betters and go with a nominee of their own choosing." WSJ, William McGurn.

Trump made a very sensible, measured speech in Wisconsin. He even used a Teleprompter. You can't slice and dice these words. He called Clinton a bigot. Which she is. But I don't think the RINOs, the Democrats or the media are happy, even though they claimed they wanted something different from him.

"Donald Trump made a new and explicit plea for the support of black voters on Tuesday, saying the Democratic Party had “failed and betrayed” them and accusing Hillary Clinton of “bigotry” in the pursuit of minority voters. “We reject the bigotry of Hillary Clinton which panders to and talks down to communities of color and sees them only as votes — that’s all they care about — not as individual human beings worthy of a better future,” Trump said at a rally in Wisconsin." (Politico)

"Good policing saves lives. My dear friend, Rudy Giuliani, knows a thing or two about this. The policies put into place by Rudy ultimately brought down crime by 76 percent and murder by 84 percent. Think of how many families were saved, how much heartache was prevented, when police were put into communities and criminals were removed." (Donald Trump)

 The Omnibus Crime Bill of 1994 was passed during Bill Clinton's Administration and by cutting crime in half has saved thousands of black lives. Now his wife and our current president support ‪#‎blacklivesmatter‬. Liberals now say it was punitive and crime was coming down anyway. But liberals have never lived in those neighborhoods and never really cared about the people. Just the votes.

"The time for opposition was during the primaries. But now, for better or worse, the issue is settled. Increasingly sounding like leftists, the “never Trumpers” appeal to a higher morality to justify their electoral sabotage, but the fact is their stance is profoundly immoral; sore losers, they demand a rules change after the game is over, and refuse to accept the results." (PJ Media, Michael Walsh)

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