Thursday, August 18, 2016

Lakeside snippets

As I was walking to the evening program at Hoover in Lakeside last night I saw a couple walking on Maple going toward the lake. She was talking so loudly I thought perhaps the man was deaf and had forgotten his hearing aids. But no. He was videoing their walk through Lakeside on his phone, and she was loudly speaking the voice-over. They may have been skyping for someone, or saving it for thier own memories.

Today on my walk I noticed there was a 2000 Porsche Boxster convertible up the street with a for sale sign, $1500. That didn't sound right. Beautiful car. Even if it doesn't run, it would look nice parked in front of your house.  So our neighbor Tom and I went up and looked at it and talked to the guy's wife. She said someone put the sign up as a joke, because he'd never part with that car. Used on the internet a 2000 Boxster goes for about $8,000.

I don't know how they find me, but I get a lot of offers to review books and have guests write for my blog. I used to do several a year, and during the primary campaign I received all sorts of very nice books (I always ask for paper because I don't like e-books). But today I got one on how to deal with a controlling boyfriend. Well, I won't post that interview, I've got a 2 word response. "Dump him." He's not going to change and if you were attracted to him in the first place you've got some serious soul searching to do!

My husband has been eating Oreos since he was a little kid. For years, he had a special method of dunking them in cold milk. This week I bought a new flavor (since the brand is now part of a global corporation there have been many new flavors) called Choco-chip Oreos with artificially flavored creme. They weren't kidding about that "artificially" either--neither one of us could place it. So he ate two, said, "Bleh, these are awful," and ate a chocolate covered Twinkie to get the taste out of his mouth.

Have you ever been walking or driving behind a woman out for exercise and asked yourself, "Does she know what she looks like from behind?" To answer that time honored question, Yes, I do. But I'm doing it anyway before it gets too hot.

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