Wednesday, August 03, 2016

John McCain's anti-Trump article at Weekly Standard

These are selected comments for John McCain on his non-support of Trump at the Weekly Standard (voice in the Never Trump movement) that appeared on Facebook. I looked through for support--but needed to get out for my walk and didn't want to miss the sunrise. Even those like me who don't like Trump have been disgusted with the "party faithful," and McCain represents that hostility.

“Thank you for your service and sacrifice for this nation, Senator McCain. We are forever grateful. Now, it's time to retire. You, Romney, Ryan, Boehner, etc. only have yourselves to blame for the rise of Trump. Had you done what all of you were elected to do instead of falling in lock step with the President over the last 8 years we wouldn't even be having this discussion. Instead you chose to go along to get along and look where it's gotten us.”

“That's fine [McCain‘s remarks on Khan], but sad that it was politicized in the first place. Now, how about the DNC and comments about Ms Patti Smith and attacks on her regarding her son and Benghazi? Let's be consistent.”

“Radical Islam killed Capt Khan not Mr Trump! The 1st thing the constitution calls for is to provide for the common defense-----Mr Trump will do that. Your candidate Weekly Substandard, Hillary will not.”

“So the Khan family thinks Trump would never let them immigrate, so we are supposed to hate him for something he hasn't done. But we are supposed to vote for Hillary who called the families of slain victims in Benghazi liars for repeating what Hillary told them about their sons being killed because of a movie. She had the nerve to call these people who lost their loved ones, liars. That trumps Trump. Hillary is the lowest of low.”

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