Tuesday, August 09, 2016

Common Core is dumbing down our children

Yes, Common Core is a problem, but it is also a symptom--points back to the creation of the federal Department of Education in the 1970s. Like Obamacare, if you'd ever been allowed to vote on this, it wouldn't have passed. Compared to Common Core, Obamacare is a model of transparency--it was at least talked about and debated. It was in 46 states before people even heard the term! Public schools are supposed to belong to the public. I've included some information from this excellent talk given at a church in California.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wyRr6nBEnz4

Summary: First, he stressed that families and religion are the enemies of teaching sexuality and Common Core and must they be silenced. He gave some examples from curriculum required in many schools and it definitely isn't age appropriate and is useful for nothing except warping the minds and propaganda.

Common Core is the brain child of Bill Gates, founder of Microsoft.  What are Bill Gates' credentials--he bought public education for $6 billion. What if it were the Koch Brothers? Would you hear about it in the media? There is no "benchmark" because the goals of Common Core have never been tested, and they are inappropriate in the lower grades. What are Department of Education Arne Duncun's qualifications? He's a sociologist not an educator, but Obama put him in charge of education. Medical clinics are being made part of the school system--can gather data on your children without your permission. Provide birth control and referrals for abortion with no input from parents.

Our Constitution's 10th amendment prohibits the federal government from meddling in state education. ("The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the states, are reserved to the states respectively, or to the people.") The Federal government pressured governors to accept Common Core or no grant money. But states have to pay all the costs and the costs swamp the piddling amount received.

The most dangerous lie in Common Core is that your teachers are free to teach. Gates claims you have to align tests to (his) standards. Gates did a great job with Microsoft--why are we letting him control our country's education system? ARRA money went to create Common Core tests--but no curriculum had yet been created. How's that for teaching to the test? David Colman who is the architect of Common Core, now controls College Board (SAT--the exams your kids need to get into college) and he has no credentials in education, has never taught, hasn't written scholarly articles. Even he claims he has no authority, not just other people--watch the fascinating introduction in the film. No one appointed him either, nor was he elected and he controls our entire education system.

"Common" in Common Core means drag everyone down to the lowest level; it's not fair that some kids are good in math and others aren't, so we offer lowest level possible not acceptable at any college with selective standards. The year before becoming president Barack Obama knew the truth about education, then he flipped when getting in office.  Be sure to watch the interviews of the people who grade the tests who earn $9/hr, an essay every 5 minutes.  They were recruited on Craig's List, no experience in education necessary. (Compensation is now up to $11/hr--I just googled it.) Ted Kennedy wrote the "No Child Left Behind" legislation, not George. W. Bush; then the worst of it was remodeled by Common Core which made it bigger and worse.

Arne Duncan was stunned that Republicans supported ESSA, “Every Student Succeeds Act”. It's a real mess.  Hillary supports Common Core--government control of your children, 24/7. Education is not a family issue, according to her. Now it's a federal village, not just any old village where you know your neighbor and her children and values.

There's no safe place for your children in public schools--88% of the parents agree, but only 19% think their child's school is broken. Home schooling may be the only way to avoid this. If even 10% of moms and dads demanded better, this would turn around.


"Because of the way education policy is generally decided, the Common Core was instituted in many states without a single vote taken by an elected lawmaker. Kentucky even adopted the standards before the final draft had been made public." Washington Post

"Indiana Gov. Mike Pence . . . led a repeal of the standards in his state. In the past week, Oklahoma Gov. Mary Fallin (R), a former advocate of the standards, signed a law pulling her state out, days after South Carolina’s Republican governor, Nikki Haley, did the same." Washington Post


Not even Communists and liberals like Common Core. http://www.workers.org/2014/06/17/profit-tech-corporations-gain-common-core-testing/#.V6nRQuRTFPw

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