Monday, August 08, 2016

What will we learn from Trump's tax returns? What will we learn from Hillary's medical records?

So, the Hillary camp, after finding out that Hillary outed a USA operative via her illegal email server and got him hanged in Iran, needs a diversion. So they are screaming for Trump's tax returns. (Darlene Reynolds)

 It's the timing; Hillary may have gotten Amiri killed by outing him. What do we learn from tax returns. She's certainly not going to show all her illegal contributions to her foundation.

When Democrats have strange tax returns, like Biden's paltry contributions (or Obama's that jumped up when he knew he was going to run for president) or back taxes not paid by Sharpton, it seems to be a resume enhancement.

Darlene suggests that with all his businesses, Trump's tax returns are probably comprised of thousands of pages and forms. It's the diversion that the Hillary camp is salivating for, because they (and the biased media) would talk about nothing else from here till the election.

Trump doesn't prepare his own tax returns. All tax loopholes (the rest of us call them deductions) have been designed by Congress, Democrats and Republicans. Trump, for all his faults, has never created tax laws to benefit the wealthy, even if he uses them. It would be very easy for Democrats who complain about the wealthy to just prepare their own returns and take no deductions, but no one will do that. Obama has been lusting after medical deductions which tax payers get, and the exclusions businesses get for offering insurance to employees which is the #1 benefit for business, and Obama thinks it belongs to him (the eventual aim of Obamacare). He also wants our tax exclusion on retirement savings and the mortgage deduction--thinks it all belongs to him/government. I'm sure Donald pays YUGE amounts to tax lawyers to get legal deductions, and Hillary's cronies in the media would be all over that like flies confusing the public and ignoring her foundation's shady dealings as a "charitable" organization that benefits only 2 people--Bill and Hillary. Chelsea is so rich she probably doesn't need it.

The way a Democrat politician thinks is that medical, mortgage and retirement deductions aren't fair--the poor really can't use them so the rest of us shouldn't have them.

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