Saturday, August 20, 2016

Trump visits the flood victims in Louisiana

I don't agree when candidates, Democrat or Republican, depict blacks as unemployed, with poor housing and bad schools, as Trump did when appealing for their vote during his recent visits in Wisconsin and Louisiana. Whites out number blacks in poverty and crime statistics, but the incredible gains of blacks in the 21st century, particularly during the Bush years, are amazing. Their rate of enrolling in college has exceeded whites since 2008. Their life expectancy has soared. Not only do we have a black president who has filled many important posts with blacks, as did Bush before him, we have black governors, Congress members, mayors, principals, business owners, first responders (percent of minority police exceeds national figures), military big wigs, investors, hedge fund managers, and just plain folks doing extremely well, living "the American dream," however that is defined. From the candidates down to ‪#‎blacklivesmatter‬, we do a tremendous disservice always playing down accomplishments of any group of Americans, and we help stir up feelings of victimhood.

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