Sunday, August 28, 2016

EpiPen, Hillary and the Media

The latest EpiPen story is one more way to not tell Hillary's story as far as I'm concerned. There are hundreds of companies who buy influence in government regulations to protect their products. That female CEO whose salary they were so outraged about is a Clinton Foundation donor. Why would a drug company seek favors? Planning ahead for when she is given the White House after losing it in 2008.  EpiPen, a very cheap product, is protected by our own federal government. 

Let's not lose focus here. Mylan is not the problem. Lots of prices go up 400% in 9 years, even at the local level, like licenses to braid hair, or walk dogs, or to prepare salads in a cafeteria, so it happens right in your own community to protect various trades.   Why is the College Board allowed to decide who goes to college with the ACT and SAT? What are their qualifications? They don't have any. It's a money train for the owners. The "architect" David Coleman who gave us "common core" to dumb down our students, is now President of College Board. What sort of increases do the publishers get?  We were forced into electronic medical records even before Obamacare--it was part of the "recovery" money of ARRA.  Bill Gates has lobbyists too.  My husband had an appointment in early July with a specialist a few miles away from his internist, yet she didn't have the scans 4 weeks later.  We could have walked the records to her office faster.  It's a huge government give away to IT companies. The EpiPen "scandal" is nothing in comparison to the billions we paid for EMR.

Obamacare has also driven up costs and prices, so the TV reporters could do a bit more digging about price increases and not go for the low hanging fruit and look for Hollywood celebs to boost their ratings while hiding from Hillary's scandals. Twitterverse is not news; it's bullying.

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